Raise your right hand and repeat after me, “I’m not always right.”

People may avoid picking up the phone when they know who’s on the other end – the bill collector looking for money owed.  It causes problems at work and at home, and it can make life a living hell.  Well, you have to pick up the phone; a solution is probably a lot closer than you think.

Before contacting the collection agencies, it’s important to understand how they work.  Once a creditor has exhausted its attempts to collect a debt owed to them, they turn to collection agencies as a last resort.  The individuals that work for the collection agencies are doing the job they are paid to do, and are accustomed to very negative responses to their calls.  Some are better and more reputable than others, and many can be downright nasty.  Having said that, the best advice I can offer you up front is this:  NICE PEOPLE GET EVERYTHING.  Make the call as pleasant as possible.  They are more likely to negotiate with you if you’re a nice person, in my opinion. It’s just human nature.  Now, let’s get down to business.

Collection VideoIn this video you will learn “How to Deal and Negotiate with Collection Agencies.” You will walk away with…   

  • The education and confidence to ask the right questions.
  • The knowledge to effectively deal and negotiate with collection agencies on your terms
  • A simple 5 step action plan to keep you on track when negotiating with collection agencies

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