This is ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’ – But It’s Not A Movie.

Remember the Jimmy Stewart movie “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington”? Classic stuff about the way a regular person can impact Washington, the goverment and all of America.

Movie critics have labeled this great film “Capra-Corn” because director Frank Capra offered such a feel-good — and “corny” — outlook on this country.

But it’s not corny. Not to me. Because “the way a regular person can impact Washington, the goverment and all of America” is happening. Right now. To me. And you.

Last Thursday, The Medical Debt Responsibility Act of  2011 was introduced as a bipartisan bill into the U.S. House and I expect a bill to be introduced in the U.S. Senate in the near future.  As you may know, this is a bill that I authored three years ago. I’m passionate about it — what it can do to help Americans, help the housing market, help the job market and help the economy — all at no expense to taxpayers or to the government.

And now my passion is being shared by champions in our government.

Last Tuesday I flew to Utah and had an hour-long one-on-one meeting with Senator Orrin Hatch to share with him my information and to ask him to make the Senate bill bipartisan. This meeting was set-up after my keynote speech at the MoneyWise event in Utah.

It’s a small world: A father of one of the MoneyWise founders approached me and said “Son, how can we help you?”

This man was the former baseball great, Cy Young Award-winning pitcher, Vern Law, 81.

One week later Vern, his wife and son walked me into the Senator’s office and said “Orrin, you need to meet this young man because he has a solution to fix the economy! These medical billing errors have affected my sons and their credit.” (He has five sons, two of
whom have leukemia.)

Added Vern: “My children pay all of their bills on time and a $62 bill ruins them! Orrin, something has to be done.”

Yes the Law family and my family are now best friends — in large part because we share a vision.

A few days ago when I was in New York co-hosting the show on Fox Business, I met with the producers of CNBC, MSNBC, and Fox News. All are intrigued by the idea of producing stories on our bill. It was so cool when the producer of CNBC said, “Rodney, how can we help?”

I responded, “The Medical Debt Responsibility act is so impactful is is worthy of a hour-long TV special.”

I know this is going to take a grassroots effort from everyone to get this bill passed and put our economy back on the fast track. I also realize this bill is the first step to fixing the housing market and many leaders now understand this is a simple solution with billions and billions of dollars of positive economic impact.

This week on my radio show, 88-year old
Congressman Ralph Hall of Rockwall
(whom Sen. Hatch and many other think is a great man) said, “This is good bill and needs to pass.” Rep. Hall also said, “This will cost the American Taxpayer and the government not one penny.”

I am asking you to tell all of your family, friends, employees, and co-workers about the
bill. For more information, my website is, of course. Please contact me for guidance. Also, if you have direct contacts to U.S. Members of Congress, I would love to sit down one-on-one with them!

In closing, I received a phone call on Memorial Day from a great friend of mine. Mark is a doctor and his father is one of the most recognized physicians in the country. The father is now is retired but has a lifetime chair at MD Anderson in Houston. Mark informed me that when his son was 6 months old, he took him to the emergency room because he was sick. Now his son is 2 years old and Mark received a collection notice a year-and-a-half after the fact. … same thing that has probably happened to you or people close to you.

So he called the collection agency to ask questions. The bill was never paid, so he then called his insurance company and was told the hospital never billed the insurance company!

Dr. Mark makes a great living, has plenty of money in the bank and now has
a $354 medical collection on his credit report, which has lowered his FICO score
111 points and when he pays it will stay on his report and negatively impact his score for seven years. This is what this bill is all about — righting wrongs so Americans who have earned the right to credit can get it!

Together we can make a difference! It’s not sappy. It’s not corny. It’s “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” … except I am seeing it work on the front lines … and I see that it is real.

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