My ‘Financial Hottie of The Week’: Cowboys QB Tony Romo

By Rodney Anderson

Tony Romo used to park his usually-unwashed Ford Explorer next to mine. His condo in my building featured little more than a couch, a TV and a pingpong table. For awhile there, he’d hang out with the doorman in the lobby, Tony wearing one of his now-familiar caps – but not as a disguise or anything, because this was 2006 and nobody in Dallas (maybe not even Dallas Cowboys coach Bill Parcells) would ever recognize him.
Today, Tony is older. Wiser. Wealthier. And an All-Pro-level quarterback in love.
And today, my old friend Antonio Ramiro Romo is’s first-ever “Financial Hottie of the Week.’’
Tony’s profile eventually increased from those dirty-truck-and-pingpong times. Tony worked. He had flare.
Coach Parcells eventually saw it.
And now, the lovely Candice Crawford sees it, too.
I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Candice; we were both recently on the “Good Morning Texas” set. And because of our residential proximity, I also shared a few elevator rides with previous Romo paramours like Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson, too.
I think Tony has made a wonderful choice for a bride, as their celebration begins with a Saturday wedding at Arlington Hall in DFW. I also think he’s done a wonderful job building his career into one that has Cowboys owner Jerry Jones paying him a contract worth $67.4 million, which included a $30 million guarantee when the deal was done (in 2007) and $9 million in salary for this season.
Tony is putting singlehood and (some silliness) behind him. That includes having to answer media questions this week during a TopGolf franchise appearance in Allen, Texas, about whether he has “any second thoughts.’’
And it includes Tony’s maturation into a man ready to help lead not only a football team, but also ready to help lead a family.
I advise any couple to go through my “Affairs of the Heart” checklist …
And in fact, I mentioned that to Candice “The 10 Things You Must Do Before You Say ‘I Do.”’ Given the fact that 78 percent of NFL players end up experiencing serious financial strife, it’s worth a deep examination.

But I know Tony is ready. He’s come a long way since those days doing a bunch of nothing hanging out in our condo lobby.
But even with all the changes in Tony Romo’s life, I bet the caps remain.
Congratulations, Tony, on your wedding – and on being’s first-ever “Financial Hottie of the Week.’’

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