What You Need to Know before You Say I Do:

wedding ringsBy “full disclosure,” I refer to the financial realm and not merely the romantic. A few basic ground rules for anyone thinking of getting married have to be followed just to protect your finances, credit rating, and future.  So many “perfect” marriages are begun without this essential, logical, and rational step.

It is not taken for several reasons:

1. You don’t want to threaten the romantic bubble.
2. You are afraid of what you might find.
3. You are giving your “life partner” the benefit of the doubt.

Demanding full disclosure is essential, but is it a deal breaker? How important is that romantic bubble? Why won’t the fiancé share information?  And why should he be given the benefit of the doubt? Another way to approach this is to ask yourself, “If you are planning to get married, are secrecy and non-disclosure a good sign?” No. It is a deal breaker because it demonstrates that there is something very wrong here.

In my book, I have outlined for you the 10 steps you must take before saying, “I Do.”  If you take these steps, then you know what you’re getting into because you have lessened the unknown.

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